We work with local juice bars to bring you curated seasonal juices. From farm to kitchen to Bot, fruits and veggies are kept in their truest form.
Getting Your Cup
Ordering juice has never been this easy. Simply choose from the 4 pre-mixed flavors of cold-pressed juice or mix any of them together to customize. Choose your cup size and pay with any major credit and debit card, ApplePay or Google Pay. Voila! Watch your cup being filled with delicious and nutritious juice.
Our Technology
We ensure the juice is kept fresh in the high-tech juice storing compartment and protected against exposure to light and heat once it is in the Bot. Its freshness levels are also monitored remotely.
Every 24-48 hours, we clean and restock each Bot with new product so the freshest juice is always ready when you are.
Food Safety
Food safety is at the heart of what we do here at JuiceBot. We are able to deliver the freshest juice possible by combining proprietary technology, cloud connectivity, and proven standard operating procedures. This is how we make it happen:
Temp Control

We are control freaks. To comply with food safety standards, our Bots are programmed with automatic shutoff in case JuiceBot ever goes over 41°F.

Design Engineering

Our Bots are engineered with our cutting-edge technology and manufactured with FDA certified components to house fresh juice.

Real-Time Sensors

We get notified the second our compostable cups are low, when the temperature rises and falls, and when it is time to restock, so we never leave you hanging.

Remote Cold-Chain Monitor

We like to keep it cool. Around the clock monitoring is a factor in every stage of the process, from the commercial kitchen and refrigerated delivery to its final stop at your local JuiceBot.

UV Disinfection

We like things squeaky clean. After each juice is poured, the dispensing window automatically closes and is disinfected by UV rays—a proven method used by hospitals and water purification systems.

Health Certifications

Our Bots are inspected by local health departments and licensed to operate under their mandate.

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