1. What does JuiceBot sell?
Juicebot curates unique pre-blended, locally sourced cold-pressed juices. Our juices are all-natural. No added sugar, color or preservatives. 100% fruits and vegetables.
2. What are the juice choices?
4 unique pre-pressed, pre-blended flavors. You can also mix any of the 4 flavors in the mix-your-own option on the menu. You can see our current menu options here.
3. How much does a cup cost?
Mini cup (7oz) is $4.99 and Biggie cup (12oz) is $7.99
4. How many cups does a given machine hold at once?
Each Bot can serve up to 200 cups with each restocking.
5. How much juice can JuiceBot hold?
Maximum 32 gallons
6. How do you know when JuiceBot is empty?
Our Bots have IoT technology. Everything is remotely monitored through our proprietary software. When juice runs low, our teams get notified to restock it.
7. How often is the juice replenished?
Juice is replenished once the juice is out of stock. Our remote monitoring enables us to watch consumption levels and replenish inventory immediately.
8. How can I tell if the juice is fresh?
JuiceBot is designed to keep the juice fresh at all times by shielding the juice from light and heat oxidation and constantly controlling the temperature. If the juice expires or its temperature rises above 41F, the Bot automatically shuts off.
9. How can you purchase a juice?
Our Bots accept cashless payment methods including all major credit cards and virtual wallets.
10. Does Juicebot take cash?
The Bots only accept cashless payments including credit and debit cards or virtual wallets.
11. How long does it take for the juice to be dispensed?
30 seconds!
12. Can I use my own cup?
The Bots dispense disposable cups to comply with food safety and health regulations and prevent cross-contamination when it comes to customers using their personal cups.
13. Are your cups disposable?
Yes! Our cups are made out of biodegradable material and 100% compostable.
14. Where does Juicebot work best?
Juicebot is perfect for any gym, office, school, community space, and many more. As long as the Bots have supply to electricity they could work anywhere and everywhere.
15. How much does it cost to have a Juicebot at my location?
We have 3 different models based on your preference; Retail model:Customers pay for the juice through our POS system that accepts all major credit cards and virtual wallets. It costs nothing to the location. The ideal model for gyms, malls, and other retail locations. Subscription model: Location covers the cost of the juice to make it available for free to their employees, customers, or members. The ideal model for office spaces. Franchising model: Franchisor pays for the license to use our business model, intellectual property, and brand name. The ideal model for individual operators.
16. I want a Juicebot at my office, residential building, gym, etc. How much does it cost?
For pricing information, please contact us for a quote. Our prices include juice costs, maintenance, and delivery on a monthly basis.
17. Can we do a trial period?
Yes, our trials run for 6 months.
18. How soon can this be brought to our office?
Our deployment team conducts a site survey to identify the best spot in terms of power, connectivity, and dimensions and are available to deploy it within a week.
19. Can I bring a Bot to an event I am hosting?
We love pop-up events! If you have an event coming up and would like to bring a JuiceBot please contact us.
20. What are the dimensions and electrical requirements?
Dimensions: H 83in x L 36in x W 48in All the Bot needs is the connection to a power supply.
21. What are the physical requirements for a Bot?
Power supply and shade from the sun.
22. What is needed to install JuiceBot?
Nothing. Our deployment team takes care of all installment needs.
23. Why am I just hearing about JuiceBot now?
We are just getting started! We had our first Bot deployed in Los Angeles in 2018 and we have been growing ever since.
24. Where can I currently find a Juicebot?
Here are our latest locations.
25. What partners have Juicebot worked with so far?
Juicebot has partnered with Nordstrom Santa Monica, Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, Disney Studios, PepsiCo, Bridges Academy, SpacesWorks, and Little West.
26. How can I become a juice supplier to JuiceBot?
If you are interested in becoming a supplier, please contact us.

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